Our busines specializes in the construction, roofing and cladding in the following areas:

Roofs of industrial buildings using both traditional approaches as well as new technologies, such as using modern materials – we specialize in making “light” roofs with overlap construction of corrugated sheets, and thermal insulation of the horizontal plates of hard mineral wool – a material currently the most popular in the construction market is characterized by very good insulating characteristics (manufacturer: Rockwool Poland Sp.z o.o.)

a) flat roofs waterproofing of the outer monolayer has become exceedingly popular in recent years, PVC membrane (manufacturer: Bauder Sp. and FDT Poland in the “dressed” and mechanically fastened – the basic elements distinguishing this type of coverage are:

– Less labor-intensive performance coverage and a shorter duration of the roof covering a very large area, which is not without significance in the implementation of large-sized halls
– In relation to the tar paper, hydroizoalcji elasticity, and thermal expansion of PVC membrane at high temperature differences – this cover is tight and reliable over a long period of use both during the winter period and the years

b) the roofs above. with the traditional single-layer waterproofing surface bilayer with pap or heat sealing, and various types of mechanically fastened generally available on the Polish construction market (manufacturer: Icopal SA, Bauder Sp.,
Soprema Poland Sp. of o.o.)

c) roofs with gravel ballast and the insulating layer of PVC roof membrane (similar to a p), using the right kind of roofing) – an increasingly common solution for:
– Durability and reliability in a long time to cover its use, due to the mechanical resistance of the materials
– A large roof fire resistance barrier due to the layer system
– A large acoustic and thermal insulation barrier

Second specialized equipment for industrial buildings’ roofs with fire protection systems and communications:

a)  lighting equipment – domed skylights and roof lights of various types which meet the highest applicable standards: from filling polycarbonate (decking made of material with varying degrees of fire spread, NRO and the SRO, with different fire resistance, and with different thermal characteristics) or filled with an acrylic

b) Ventilation equipment and smoke – dome flap alone or built directly above / in the roof lights, allowing for:

– Ventilation of production facilities – improving working conditions in the presence of factors particularly burdensome and harmful to health

-Discharge of gases, fumes and heat during any fires in the interior of the building
– Reduction of losses caused by the spread of fire
– Quickly evacuating people from the affected area

Third curtain wall light industrial and office construction stud – transom (light curtain wall “sandwich” of global warming with mineral wool panels), and housing along with the warming of concrete walls

4th renovation and modernization work on the roof slopes and used existing buildings – we provide professional advice related to energy efficiency modernization and seal damaged roofing

5th wood truss construction roof beams utilities and indoor facilities

6th wooden structures rafter framing and covering with ceramic tile, concrete, roof tiles (RuppCeramika and Braas, Wienerberger ceramics Construction Sp. z oo – Koramic)

7th wooden structures with a ceramic coating or sheet copper, and titanium – zinc objects of historic or special character (religious buildings, faith, town halls, cupolas, flashings historic facades, etc.)

We guarantee a reliable and professional execution of projects that meet the requirements of applicable law and the expectations of our customers