In the Polish residential construction almost standard feature is a house with attic. Often, however, it appears that the windows in the gable walls are not sufficient for proper illumination of the interior, and complicate the construction of the roof dormers and prove costly. In these and similar situations the best solution is popular windows mounted in the roof.

Skylights provide relatively a lot of light, up to 40% more than the windows of the same surface, but mounted vertically in a gable walls or lukarnach said. Depending on how open the roof window can be divided into Swivel, rotating and hatches on the roof.

The skylights do not impede the apperance of the building. Due to the greater exposure of the window to external factors put the specific requirements of the materials used. It is important first of all leaks during rain or snow-covered slope, but also the impact resistance of glass or a hail or strong winds advected such branches. That is why we used hardened glass in the windows of roof are up to 6 times more impact resistant than standard windows.




VELUX roof windows provide as many solutions as there are steep roofs. Rotary-type roof windows (GZL, GGL, INTEGRA ™, GHL) fit almost all types of pitched roofs, while the swiveling windows (GPL) are designed for roofs with a slightly greater angle. GGU window is made of laminated wood covered with a thin layer of white polyurethane. Even if the windows GGL, GPL, GGU remain closed are used in the ventilation flap, ensures a constant supply of fresh air into the room. So light and fresh air create a pleasant atmosphere in each loft. Windows, VELUX are available in many sizes, with different packages and pit in various finishes.

Currently the offer VELUX product line includes comfort V21: windows GZL, GGL, GPL, GHL, GGU, INTEGRA ™.

VELUX flashings are compatible with all types of roofing materials and provide a leak-proof and easy to incorporate windows in the roof surface. Flange design provides a safe discharge of rainwater and snow outside the window. Flanges combo offer unlimited possibilities to create architecture with the ability to connect the roof windows in the group. Versatility allows you to perform a combo collars secret dreams.

Accessories for roof window combines functional features with the form of decoration. Wide range of accessories (shutters, awnings, shutters) raises the usability of the window, making it possible for the control of light, reducing excess heat in the summer heat and energy savings in winter. A wide range of types, designs and colors of accessories ensures harmony with the window design to any interior and offers the possibility of shaping the character of any room.



Highest quality, ease and safety, and innovative solutions enable selecting the appropriate roof window FAKRO to any setting. The windows are made from the finest raw materials based on the latest technologies to provide durability, safety, functionality and very good thermal insulation parameters.


– the axis of rotation in the middle of the window
– Provides ventilation and lighting facilities

Pan and Tilt

– In addition to ventilation and illumination of provide free access to the window and a wide view of the exterior
– Opened in two ways: tilting and rotating

The higher the rotation axis

– Axis of rotation positioned above the center of the window
– The bottom part of the wing flap serves as a window, and the top provides additional illumination
– Provides ventilation and lighting facilities

for combinations

– Windows installed in combination with an other windows

hung escape

– Construction hung window opening on the side of an angle of 90 °
– Open on the right or left


– Dumpers window
– A window with transom
– Custom shapes and covering is